Alexander Zvyagintsev

Alexander Zvyagintsev’s (born 1948) creative career began when he was a schoolboy. He soon began to write stories, essays and articles, he even edited a placard newspaper and became active in drama and literary circles. A lawyer by training, he dedicated countless years to hands-on work in law enforcement, being present in many hotspots and was directly involved in high-profile criminal investigations. His extensive personal experience in jurisprudence, the untangling of complex cases and other dramatic situations has helped the author write a number of works on the primacy of universal values, the battle against evil, and the strengthening of democratic principles in politics and law. Zvyagintsev is a writer of action-packed prose and historical portraits. To most Russian readers he is known as a writer, not as a former Russian deputy attorney-general, although all of Zvyagintsev’s books reveal his involvement in law.

Zvyagintsev’s work has been recognized on a number of occasions. His novel Sarmat was nominated for best novel in 2004 by the Russian Publishers Association, with the book having been reprinted over twenty times. Whilst his novel The Nuremberg Trials was awarded a Special Prize by Literaturnaya Gazeta in 2012.

Six of Zvyagintsev’s novels have been adapted for film. Over fifteen films have been produced from his scripts. Many of his works have been published abroad and translated into various languages, including French, German, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Polish, Bulgarian and Latvian.

The Nuremberg Trials

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9781784379889 | Pub. date: March 2019
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The Nuremberg Trials
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