Larysa Denysenko

Having worked in legal offices of various levels of importance, including anti-corruption organization Transparency International, Larysa Denysenko entered the world of literature with her first publication Amusing Flesh and Blood, which won her the grand prize in the Ukrainian national competition Coronation of the Word in 2002. Since then seven of her titles, including three children’s books, have been released and received national awards and high praise in the press. Denysenko’s main literary strengths lie in her masterful examination of the human mind and her down to earth characters, both of which are cloaked in plenty of humour.

Denysenko was born in Kyiv in 1973 in the family of the Lithuanian-Greek origin. She learned the Ukrainian language when she began working for the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice at the age of 23. Her academic achievements include graduating from the Law Department of Kyiv National University, the Central European University in Prague, and from courses on drafting legislation at the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Denysenko has also worked on Ukrainian television and wrote for her column in the Women’s Journal and two weekly magazines, Profile and Focus. Aside from writing, her main passion is human rights advocacy, which she puts into practice by representing civil clients in the European Court of Human Rights.

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The Sarabande of Sara’s Band

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Boek met harde kaft, 224 pagina's

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9781909156722 | Pub. date: January 2013
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The Sarabande of Sara’s Band
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