Oleg Pavlov

Born in Moscow in 1970, Oleg Pavlov is a critically acclaimed, award winning author who puts social and personal themes at the core of his writing. His trademark is uncovering the truth about life and the preciousness of our time on this planet. Use life wisely: live to love, but live to love humanely, with total dedication– this is the message the author sends out into the world from the pages of his novels.

Pavlov has a military background: the lessons he learned during military service in some of the most inhospitable places where he witnessed heart wrenching tragedy, some of which serves as inspiration for his narrative, which is often immediate, sharp, and absolute.

Being diagnosed as mentally unstable ended Pavlov’s career in the army and the resulting stigma also meant the end of his prospects for a high-status career. Whilst working as a janitor, he quickly realized that his life was a palette he could draw from, and so he began to write. The implications of this epiphany came full circle in his 1994 literary debut, Captain of the Steppe, was recognized by the Russian Booker Prize committee as one of the top six novels of the year.

There was more triumph to come for Pavlov following this first publication: since then, he has authored many novels, articles and essays on some of the most burning subjects in contemporary Russian society. Today, Pavlov is a celebrated member of the modern Russian canon and remains an intriguing figure as well as a literary phenomenon of the highest calibre.


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